Arnold Mol


Arnold Yasin Mol is born and raised in Holland. Coming from a Catholic background, he started to research many faiths and beliefs, and while studying biochemistry at college, he discovered the Quran and found it to have a logical social and scientific message. Arnold embraced Islam at the age of 20. Being first drawn into classical Islamic doctrine, he studied its message and history thoroughly and found it contradicted the Quranic message on many points, and decided to study Theology at college to study how history, religions and cultures influenced another.

Now only accepting the Quran as a divine source based on its social and scientific message and make up, he has founded an organization together with several Muslim thinkers to study the Quranic message as the basis for a secular social global society and works with several modern Islamic thinkers.

Arnold  has studied Arabic at the University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands and is starting Social Theology at Amsterdam College. Arnold’s website: