Questions for Persuasive Paper


DEBATE: Questions for Persuasive Paper

(Edip Yuksel)

  1. Do humans have souls?
  2. Can psychics know the future?
  3. Do we have free will or is everything, including our choices, destined since the Big Bang?
  4. Should eugenics be legalized?
  5. Are the skills and intellectual aptitude of boys and girls grounded in their biological differences?
  6. Should affirmative action continue?
  7. Is capitalism the best economic system?
  8. Does American foreign policy serve Americans or only the short term interest of weapon, oil and other multinational big industries?
  9. Are American kids really spoiled?
  10. Who is right: Palestinians or Israelis?
  11. Should students have longer breaks between the classes?
  12. Do American TV stations and films contribute to violence?
  13. Should we ban guns?
  14. ShouldAmericacontinue spending billions of dollars on making more nuclear weapons?
  15. Should we have a national health care system where every American will have the right for primary health insurance?
  16. Should we restrict immigration further, or open our borders withMexicoandCanada?
  17. Is gambling and lotteries beneficial to the society?
  18. Is drinking wine really healthy?
  19. For a better democracy should we ban campaign contributions dramatically and let the tax money and TV airways to be used to inform public about candidates?
  20. Which one is true? Blind evolution or Intelligent Designer as the cause of first human.
  21. Should computer manufacturers be forced by the government to contain code recognition that will not allow copying of copyrighted music?
  22. Is there a Green House effect?
  23. Should we claim the right of preemptive nuclear strike?
  24. Should government have access to all our personal information, including bank accounts, health records, marriage, etc?
  25. What is nothingness?
  26. Should we open our South Borders?
  27. Is global economy beneficial to America?
  28. How can we fight against international terrorism?
  29. Is there life beyond Earth?
  30. Are UFO’s extra terrestrial vehicles from outer space?
  31. Are commercials and ads useful or harmful to customers?
  32. Should we open the market for transgenic crops?
  33. Are Americans growing horizontally each year? Why?
  34. Should homosexuals be allowed to work in the military?
  35. Is flex time useful?
  36. Should we give capital punishment to murderers?
  37. Should FDA regulate McDonalds and other fast food restaurants?
  38. Should fat and fatty foods be taxed like tobacco?
  39. Should we ban imports that are manufactured in countries with bad human rights records?
  40. Should we ban automobiles in inner cities?
  41. Is the prison population per capita inAmericanormal? What can be done to change it?
  42. What are the most common logical fallacies?
  43. Should we put more tax on inheritance, which are more than a million dollars, per person?
  44. Should we reduce the period for patent protection of medicine?
  45. Should we release criminals because of criminal procedure technicalities?
  46. Should we interfere with the internal affairs of the other countries if they abuse women or practice “unusual and cruel” punishment?
  47. How can we improve secondary education?
  48. When a student is “bored” is it the teacher’s fault or the student’s?
  49. Is Robert Spencer’s “Infidel’s Guide … ”  a scholarly work or bogus intended to create hatred against muslims and justify invasions, massacres, and torture against them?
  50. Are some Christians 666 times more violent than the Salafi extremists?
  51. Is it ethical to shave the beautiful beard and then trim the mustache of a warmonger, such as Robert Spencer, to reflect his mission?  Should it be considered a hoax or the visual version of the figure of speech, such as simile?