In the beginning there was nothing, not time, not space, not matter, not energy, not gravity, not even emptiness. There was utter nothingness. Then, some 10-12 billion years ago, the seed of everything came into existence from an incredibly big explosion of an infinitely dense and infinitely small point. The first atoms came to existence in about 300,000 years after the Big Bang. Since then, the universe is expanding and every moment a vaste amount of space is created from nothingness.
Me, you, your loved ones and your nemesis, your dreams and your nightmares, your eyes and the computer now you are staring at, yas all came into being from that point called Singularity. We are all children of Singularity! We are all product of the same nothingness, of the same explosion!
Remember your origin and reflect on the very existence of your mind. You are a beta program launched by the Eternal, Omniscient and Omnipotant Singularity. One day, like every atom in this universe you will be recalled in a BigCrunch!